• Unpublished yet. - This post will regularly host photos of previous session that have not been selected at the time the series went publicly published. These are mostly photo that will not be allowed on social media.
  • 十日 – Tooka - In Japan, the word 十日 is often used to refer to the 10th day of the month. This day is traditionally significant in Japanese culture, as it is believed to be a day of change and new beginnings. In ancient times, the 10th day was a day for purification and prayer, as well as a time to reflect on one's past actions and make plans for the future.
  • Columbine & Pierrot - A magical moment, for a Ste Valentine event in Montreal, inspired by the lovely story of Columbine and Pierrot from the 19th Century Pantomime.
  • Performance at Bound, London, UK. - Teaching and performing in London, England at Bound U.K. Performance was inspired buy Japanese tradition dedicated to Harvest Moon.
  • 大縄あそび 二日 Vol.2 東京、2016年11月20日 - Performance in Tokyo for O Nawa Asobi 2016 event.
  • Suspension lines, simple pulley. - Suspension line, Simple pulley. This video is not a tutorial but a reminder for my students. I release myself from any liability in case of injury.