A short Love story

A warm afternoon in May.
It was our first date. We were talking since a long time on some adult chat…

She was self destructive and I did my best to get her out of this pattern.

For our first date she came at my place. Then I travelled to her place for our second one.

Mademoiselle, please bow in front of me. I will take care of your hands while contemplating the beauty of your curves 
And you will provide me some light so I may be able to read a few lines before going to sleep.

A Morning breakfast… and the beginning of a too short love affair…



St-Jean ! 24 of June is Quebec’s day, so let celebrate publicly on the balcony over the street.

Previous night was full of sins (understand raw rough sex) so mademoiselle had to confess and was punished.

La douche de mademoiselle from Isabelle Hanikamu on Vimeo.


July 8th ! She offered herself as my birthday present.

Then she ended our relationship and felt again in a unfortunately so bad infernal spiral.
I have been in love with her, even for a short time.

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