Isabelle Hanikamu 井佐鐘

Isabelle Hanikamu 井佐鐘 Japanese shibari and kinbaku performer and educator.

Isabelle’s credo, from Confucius : “Never be tired of learning, or teaching others.”

Poppy and Isabelle Hanikamu 井佐鐘 during a memorable shibari performance in Tokyo, during O Nawa Asobi event (Nov. 2016)
Isabelle Hanikamu 井佐鐘 is sitting beside Iroha on the tatamis mats during a. shibari practice in the old house of Roppongi.

Born in 1961, Isabelle Hanikamu【井佐鐘】became aware of the world of Japanese bondage at the age of 32, when she was editing adult content films, then discovered the style of master Naka Akira. After studying with him for a few years, she create her own study and sharing group “Nawakai 縄界 (Rope World)” and continuously run over the world, to spread her style and way of playing with ropes. She has performed in some of the greatest places in Japan like O Nawa asobi, Jyohya club, Mitsu mitsu, UBU, also in North America, Europe, Australia.

Isabelle also work with movie productions and entertainment industry as consultant and artist (Madonna, 7 Fingers…)

Professionally Isabelle Hanikamu 井佐鐘 is Directing and editing for TV commercials since 1975, she also work for many movie production and advertising agencies as Artistic Director. This makes her to have a solid expertise on image and scenery creation especially for artistic direction.

Isabelle Hanikamu is lying on the tatamis mats under Iroha who is suspended in the old house of Roppongi. They look each others in the eyes.

Her odyssey with art and beauty of Japanese rope bondage started when she embraced her strong desire to live the kink inside her. At her early beginning she was driven by the strong desire to be tied, so she started self bondage to explore the sensuality on her own desire. This is how she has been asked to tie up other peoples at events. Since then, her life has been dedicated to the Japanese way of tying up people for sensual or sexual pleasure, the beauty of Kinbaku semenawa (緊縛責め縄術 tight binding tormenting rope).

When tying up she is looking for exaltation, love, sensuality, power exchange, and also the beauty of all corporal expressions, feelings and sensations. Being there only for the one she has caught in her ropes and emotional web.

-“When I share “moments with ropes” with someone, I feel the power and the desire to make this person more beautiful to my eyes by the full surrender of their will to mine”.

Isabelle Hanikamu 井佐鐘 Japanese shibari and kinbaku performer and educator.