Hotel in Rome


I took a day of rest in this Soaring of Suzaku Tour. And when you rest with lovely company, why not to take advantage of her to have fun. I had a desire to have picture from outdoor but a few raindrop started to fall, then I had to change my plan.

We went then in the hostel to find interesting places and we found this one first. There is always a little rush of adrenaline, specifically for the model this time, when shooting on places you can be caught on doing nasty perverted sexual … things ?

Slowly, so slowly pushing her light dress to tend to reveal her intimacy to potentials clients of the hotel who would have been aroused by the scene! She was so lovely like this, waving her lovely bottom cheeks because of trying to find a better positions to the discomfort of her tiptoes, and exposing her chest!

Letting her trying to find a position where she would be a little more comfortable. And adding stress because every second, a customer could appear and she was so frightened and excited at the same time to this possibility.

Then I took her inside, and her heart began to beat so fast, when she did hear the automatic door behind her opens suddenly!
Is someone not invited to the party would appear ?
This is an arousing situation.

… Then we came back to our room, looking for possibles spots that could inspire me. It’s always exciting to get a rush of adrenalin, when you have a photo shooting involving nudity and sexuality, and that this is in a public place where everyone could catch you!

… We heard noise, then saw the room maid caddy appearing at a corner of the corridor. Heart rate went very high, and both aroused I did expose her a little bit more…

We were in front of our room. Finaly room maids didn’t show up. Come on girls, let’s go to an other party in the bedroom !

As we walked in the room, closing the door, dropping down my furoshiki with ropes inside.
You guys, what would you expect I would have asked? What would you have done ? Please explain in the comments.

To be continued…

 — with Usagi Momo and Isabelle Hanikamu in Rome, Italy.