Lilac aroma, I had freshly picked, embalmed the room… ライラックの香り、花摘みたての、部屋の香り。
I had plans to play with her this evening. 私は今晩彼女と遊びをする計画がありました。
But I did change my mind. しかし、私は私の考えを変えました。
I left her on the floor, staring at her shyness. 畳の上で彼女を残して、花恥ずかしいをじっと見つめること。

And like we do for a flower, enjoy the blooming! 花のためにそうするのと同じで、私は開花を楽しみました!
I went to the park this afternoon and so many iris.
Now looking at these photographies I see a lovely flower…
And those fingers as a bouquet of flowers… which open or close, depending to pleasure and pain.

Such lovely flowers that evening in this room tonight !

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