I would deeply thank all the people who crossed my life these last 3 year.
Without you, your love, your strength, your feelings and your kindness I would not have become the one who I am today. I apology to forget to name some people, there are so many who could be named here because they did share intimacy or friendship with me, please receive my apologizes, you still remains in my heart even if you did hurt me, because you helped me grow.

Also have to thank all people who follow and like my creations, my art, my life that I never met,
wherever you are on the planet. Facebook, Fetlife, Tumblr, Twitter, web, but most from real life.

Thanks to models I had some wonderful instants with:
Alyson, Andy, Catherine, Cherrydoll, Daxx, Duo, いろは、Isshtar, Julie, Karine, Lydian, Lucie, Lux, Mara, Marilou, Mélanie, Melissa, Miss Seraph, Nathaniel, Obi, Priss, Prometheus, Rati, Shaena, Sparkly, Stéphanie, Titounette…

A very Special thank you for the one who deeply inspire me and give me so much.

Without all of you, I would not exist.
Merci. Thank you. ありがとうございます。

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