A window on the garden

Such a beautiful performance with Yvette in Erskinville at Sydney Rope Dojo, Australia. Photos by Image Taylor. You may enhance your experiment at listening the soundtrack of the performance when watching these beautiful photos. https://www.mixcloud.com/Hanikamu/%E9%B3%B3%E5%87%B0%E3%81%AE%E7%90%83-the-phoenixs-circle-australian-tour/

Granpa’s garden

Performance in Melbourne, Australia, November 28th. 2019 with the Lovely and stong Poppyhummingbird.


I have been honoured by being asked to perform in one of the most beautiful kink event in Australia "Fantastic The Party" Managed by two beautiful peoples from Eagle Leather in Melbourne. I had two so great and beautiful partners for the performances, Max and Poppy.

Le shibari

Interview in french from "Le jasder show" on SoundCloud. https://soundcloud.com/jasder-foisy/le-jasder-show-episode-3-les-shibari

Hotel in Rome

ローマで雨の午後でした! 緊縛と写真:含羞む井佐鐘 モデル:ウサギモモチャンIt was a rainy afternoon in Rome! Kinbaku & Photos: Isabelle Hanikamu Model: Usagi Momo I took a day of rest in this Soaring of Suzaku Tour. And when you rest with lovely company, why not to take advantage of her to have fun. I had a desire to have picture from outdoor but a … Continue reading Hotel in Rome

Lesson 1 : HON MUSUBI 本結び

Lesson 1 : HON MUSUBI 本結び This is the way I create strong and safe basis. A single column tie is the root of every scene, we have to be more than convinced that we have done a safe one. Never over-evaluate your skills, practice this knot as musiciens does their scales.

A weekend in Stockholm

God morgon från Stockholm. Stockholm, this is the eastern and northern place I have been in Europe so far... Unpacking and checking that I did not forgot anything important for tomorrow performance. This will be third chapter of the story of 鳳凰 and 朱雀. A wonderful love story which is all what's about this European … Continue reading A weekend in Stockholm

Private Lesson in Germany

I do love when students say they just tie for learning the lesson but start to play! Congratulations for this great weekend of sharing.... And thank you for the tears I got, watching you both after I took this photo. You made me proud to come to Europe plant some seeds hat will bloom. The … Continue reading Private Lesson in Germany