I do love when students say they just tie for learning the lesson but start to play!
Congratulations for this great weekend of sharing….

And thank you for the tears I got, watching you both after I took this photo. You made me proud to come to Europe plant some seeds hat will bloom. The Phoenix now will rise and continue to share Love, Empathy, Compassion, sensuality, beauty as much as possible in this world.


Students: Marquee Koikunawa and Isabell TeCosa.

In Paris, January 2017, Saturday 21st, the Phoenix and the Suzaku meet again after 10 month of separation.
This is the second chapter and the Suzaku will burn and die. Then her ashes will go back to hearth for being able to rebirth.
It was heart breaking, and harsh love.

With the lovely and wonderful Aizen Kaguya


If you whish to, Isabelle Hanikamu will teach you the art of Japanese bondage (Shibari, Kinbaku) from beginner to advanced level. Both in private or group workshops at her school Kinbaku Gakkō (formerly Kinbaku dojo Montreal) or at your place, and this worldwide. Isabelle is officially licensed to teach “Naka Akira Ryu”, she is a world reference at teaching this style.











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