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  • Unpublished yet. - This post will regularly host photos of previous session that have not been selected at the time the series went publicly published. These are mostly photo that will not be allowed on social media.
  • Totoro no Shinsei トトロの新生 - Such a sweet and pleasurable moment in my studio working on new ties.
  • 十日 – Tooka - In Japan, the word 十日 is often used to refer to the 10th day of the month. This day is traditionally significant in Japanese culture, as it is believed to be a day of change and new beginnings. In ancient times, the 10th day was a day for purification and prayer, as well as a time to reflect on one's past actions and make plans for the future.
  • Columbine & Pierrot - A magical moment, for a Ste Valentine event in Montreal, inspired by the lovely story of Columbine and Pierrot from the 19th Century Pantomime.
  • Performance at Bound, London, UK. - Teaching and performing in London, England at Bound U.K. Performance was inspired buy Japanese tradition dedicated to Harvest Moon.
  • 大縄あそび 二日 Vol.2 東京、2016年11月20日 - Performance in Tokyo for O Nawa Asobi 2016 event.

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Isabelle Hanikamu

Japanese rope bondage performer and educator.

Isabelle publicly joined the Japanese Rope Bondage community at middle age and quickly became involved professionally. She created her school “Kinbaku Dojo” and continuously run over the world, to spread to many her style and way of playing with ropes. She has performed in some of the greatest places in Japan like O Nawa asobi, Jyohya club, Mitsu mitsu, UBU, also in North America, Europe, Australia. Isabelle also work with movie productions and entertainment industry as consultant and artist.

Model: Poppy, Photo by Naka Akira, ONawa asobi 2016, Tokyo, Shinjuku, Japan. Sunday November 20th, 2016.

Isabelle’s credo, from Confucius : “Never be tired of learning, or teaching others.”

Professionally she has been Directing and editing for TV commercials since 1975, she also worked for many movie production and advertising agencies as Artistic Director. This makes her to have a solid expertise on image and scenery creation especially for artistic direction.

Raised in south of France, she moved to Paris for her work in early 80’s. At this time she discovered rope bondage when editing for adult film industry.

Her odyssey with art and beauty of Japanese rope bondage started when she embraced her strong desire to live the kink inside her. At her early beginning she was driven by the strong desire to be tied, but as no one in her local

community was offering “traditional style Japanese rope bondage”, she started self bondage to explore the sensuality on her own desire. This is how she has been asked to tie up other peoples at events. Since then, her life has been dedicated to the Japanese way of tying up people for sensual or sexual pleasure, the beauty of Kinbaku semenawa (緊縛責め縄術 tight binding tormenting rope).

When tying up she is looking for exaltation, love, sensuality, power exchange, and also the beauty of all corporal expressions, feelings and sensations. Being there only for the one she has caught in her ropes and emotional web.

-“When I share “moments with ropes” with someone, I feel the power and the desire to make this person more beautiful to my eyes by the full surrender of their will to mine”.

秋の飛び鳳凰 Ink Artist is ayako tattooing . 葛飾北斎からの芸術アイデア


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