Double Column Tie

NI JIKU MUSUBI - DOUBLE COLUMN TIE - 二軸結び This is the way I create strong and safe basis. A double column tie is the root of many scene, you have to be more than convinced that you have done a safe one. Never over-evaluate your skills, practice this knot as musicians does their scales. … Continue reading Double Column Tie


If you whish to, Isabelle Hanikamu will teach you the art of Japanese bondage (Shibari, Kinbaku) from beginner to advanced level. Both in private or group workshops at her school Kinbaku Gakkō (formerly Kinbaku dojo Montreal) or at your place, and this worldwide. Isabelle is officially licensed to teach “Naka Akira Ryu”, she is a world … Continue reading Teaching

Soaring of Suzaku – European Tour2017

Isabelle Hanikamu European & North American Tour Live & Thrive from ashes. Passion, compassion, sensuality, empathy, spirituality! "A mythical bird that never dies, the phoenix flies far ahead to the front, always scanning the landscape and distant space. It represents our capacity for vision, for collecting sensory information about our environment and the events unfolding … Continue reading Soaring of Suzaku – European Tour2017