Performance at Bound, London, UK.

chūshū no mangetsu
The mid­ autumn full moon

Septembre 16th 2016 at The Flying Dutchman, London, UK.


This celebration is very popular in Japan since the Heian period (784 in 1185/1192). It is dedicated to the harvest moon and marks the end of the harvest. For this occasion, Japanese find themselves with friends to contemplate the Moon (Tsuki). The traditional backdrop is made with susuki (a plant bearing the name “elephant grass”). Offerings can be offered to the lunar orb.

Japanese eat dango, the culinary specialty of this festival dumplings made with mochi (glutinous rice paste). A tradition says that marks that we see in the Moon evoke a rabbit making mochi. This festival is also associated with the rabbit. Various dishes are also made for the event: udon boiled with a raw egg, named “udon tsukimi”.

Song at the beginning is a traditional for this day:

うさぎ    うさぎ              (usagi usagi)

なに   みて   はねる(nani mite haneru)

じゅうごや    おつきさま (jū go ya otsuki sama)

みて   はねる          (mite haneru)

rabbit rabbit

what do you see when jumping you see the full moon when jumping