Now we were in need of something else. My hands were running slowly over her body to place the ropes, and twisted her lovely curves, to shape them even more beautiful!

I’m a story teller with no words and we both create the story with feelings and emotions. 私は言葉を持たない語り手です。

Her body was locked and her heart was bound to mine. Both our souls were free ! 彼女の体と彼女の心の鍵は私の運命にあった。

行かせられる。We went.


Oh! no! night was not ended, only need to have a drink…

While chatting at the bar I started to ornament her body with my stories, after she had been asked to sit front of me, so I could at the same time look deep in her heart through the door of her eyes.

Once again I was feeling the simmering of her skin under my fingers, and was getting more aroused…

This is all about shyness… and guess what, I am too…

Ropes helps me being less shy, and being able to love…

Oh! nearly forgot wax play… but wen my eyes dropped on a candle…

Then, she has her own pleasure, and rope.

Thank you for receiving us with such kindness. What time was it ? I do not remember, but the bar should have closed the door long ago.
I might have left this last rope tied somewhere on her body …

我々にそのような親切で受信していただきありがとうございました。 何時間だったのですか? 覚えていないが、バーのずっと前にドアを閉じているべきです。

… But could not bring myself not to see her fly away. Then I covered her with the nagajuban so she regained possession of her body gradually, while Tanuki did the same.


While I was storing my ropes in the furoshiki, a caterpillar came from nowhere to lay on them. Signs of gods are always subtle, their lessons valuable and full of love.エピローグ:
10月10日、 和風SMバー 密蜜mitsu 新宿。


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