Our second rendezvous! I asked that she is naked, nagajuban only!
When first published this story it was not even a week that I left her in Tokyo to go back to Montreal, and already miss this instant of eternity.


To slowly remove the towel, when listening to her breathing, it feels the wind in the soul… ゆっくり手拭いを除去することは、彼女の呼吸を聞くと、それは魂の中に風を感じる。

… then gently uncovering her skin little by little…そして穏やかに裸の彼女の肌は少しずつ。。。

and lifted her so that I could lay a fundoshi on her naked soft skin…

This was now perhaps middle of the night, laid her down for a rest…

…I also layered down in front of her, hearing her heart beat, and watching some small pearls of drool on her lips… Smell of air in the bar was so eroticizing !

Oct 9, 和風SMバー-密蜜mitsu, Shinjuku, Tokyo.

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