Overnight romance in Kabukicho

一夜恋路に歌舞伎町で Tokyo ! This place in the world of virtue and depravation, a place where you can meet so many charming peoples. I love so much living there. This night of November 18th 2016, after having a tasteful dinner at my preferred Izakaya in Shinjuku I had a date with a very cute girl from … Continue reading Overnight romance in Kabukicho

Japanese Rope Bondage Expert for MADONNA Rebel Heart Tour – Holly Water – for Moment Factory

I Performed all services customarily provided by first-class Kinbaku Japanese bondage rope expert in the United Stales television and film entertainment industry in connection with the Madonna Rebel Heart music concert tour. Isabelle Hanikamu Worked as consultant, and performer Artist to produce a 4mn HR Video of traditional Japanese rope bondage style, Video was displayed … Continue reading Japanese Rope Bondage Expert for MADONNA Rebel Heart Tour – Holly Water – for Moment Factory


If you whish to, Isabelle Hanikamu will teach you the art of Japanese bondage (Shibari, Kinbaku) from beginner to advanced level. Both in private or group workshops at her school Kinbaku Gakkō (formerly Kinbaku dojo Montreal) or at your place, and this worldwide. Isabelle is officially licensed to teach “Naka Akira Ryu”, she is a world … Continue reading Teaching


2016, April 16th. I am peacefully having evening meal at the Izakaya near my apartment in Nakano Shinbashi. Then Yoi san message me on Line App : 今夜はたくさん外人きてるよ (A lot of foreigners, do you come tonight?) 日本の女の子のを縛ってる (Japanese girl to be tied for you) In fact I will have 2 scenes this lovely night and … Continue reading バー「初心-UBU-」


Now we were in need of something else. My hands were running slowly over her body to place the ropes, and twisted her lovely curves, to shape them even more beautiful! I'm a story teller with no words and we both create the story with feelings and emotions. 私は言葉を持たない語り手です。 我々は両方の感情と感情との物語を作成します。 Her body was locked and … Continue reading 🍓苺、二番目の章