Mademoiselle’s Shower

Sensual Awakening: Mademoiselle’s Cold Shower

Sensual Awakening: Mademoiselle’s Cold Shower In the soft light of a May morning, amidst whispers of the awakening world, an intriguing ritual unfolds. It’s a tale of cleansing, of liberation, and perhaps most intriguingly, of indulgence. Welcome to Mademoiselle’s cold…

A window on the garden

Such a beautiful performance with Yvette in Erskinville at Sydney Rope Dojo, Australia. Photos by Image Taylor. You may enhance your experiment at listening the soundtrack of the performance when watching these beautiful photos.

Granpa’s garden

Performance in Melbourne, Australia, November 28th. 2019 with the Lovely and stong Poppyhummingbird.


I have been honoured by being asked to perform in one of the most beautiful kink event in Australia “Fantastic The Party” Managed by two beautiful peoples from Eagle Leather in Melbourne. I had two so great and beautiful partners…


She asked me for a private session as a photo shooting with her own photographer Photos : Greg Photo

A short Love story

A warm afternoon in May.It was our first date. We were talking since a long time on some adult chat… Then she ended our relationship and felt again in a unfortunately so bad infernal spiral.I have been in love with…

Hotel in Rome

It was a rainy afternoon in Rome! ローマで雨の午後でした!緊縛と写真:井佐鐘モデル:ウサギモモチャン I took a day of rest in this Soaring of Suzaku Tour. And when you rest with lovely company, why not to take advantage of her to have fun. I had a…


Our second rendezvous! I asked that she is naked, nagajuban only!When first published this story it was not even a week that I left her in Tokyo to go back to Montreal, and already miss this instant of eternity. 時時無限大!…